About Us

Analysis Laboratory of Forensic Science

Analysis Laboratory of Forensic Science (ALFS) is one of the most trusted forensic laboratories in Japan and has been performing forensic testing for 15 years. The testing procedures are designed to meet the protocols and requirements necessary in court, civil laws, and legal affairs bureau. ALFS has achieved and delivered outstanding forensic analysis for legal professions, private sectors, and the public. Our company is committed to serve and provide customers with world class forensic analysis services.

Furthermore, with the services that we provide, we have been in cooperation with the Japanese police authorities who entrust us with a wide variety of projects and support cases to help them in investigations.

Our company, together with our highly trained staffs and laboratory technicians, pride ourselves in offering the best quality, efficient, and accurate forensic services.



DNA Profiling is a powerful tool for identification by using the characteristics of DNA. DNA is obtained from a person or a sample of bodily tissue. Human DNA profiles can be used to identify the origin of samples found at a crime scene or for parentage testing.


Are unique pattern made by the friction ridges which appear on the pads of the fingers and thumbs. It’s a valuable tool for examination and it is used to identify suspects and solve crimes.


Examine blood and other bodily fluids such as hair, bones, semen samples for genetic analysis and comparison.