ETHIOPIAN PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTE (EPHI) on its laboratory training in Tokyo, Japan

Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) located at Addis Ababa is the result of the consolidation of former National Research Institute of Health (NRIH), The Ethiopian Nutrition Institute (EHI) and The Department of Traditional Medicine (DTM) and was reestablished through Ministers Regulation No. 4/1996 of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on 1996. EPHI provides referral diagnostic and analytic laboratory services to the public. Today, it has different affiliations and work with different organizations both local and international including World Health Organization (WHO), Japan International co-operation Agency (JICA),UNICEF and other referral hospital, regional health Bureau’s and Universities.

EPHI battles with the wide and diverse health problem in Ethiopia. The institution mainly focuses on the development of the health care in their country by providing high quality research that will help them to deal with the health problems effectively and efficiently.

Actual laboratory training. Atsheba Gebreegziabxier and Yimam Getaneh Misganie studies step-by-step procedureson DNA Testing with the help of DNA Japan, Inc laboratory technician and staff.

Atsheba Gebreegziabxier and Yimam Getaneh Misganie listen to the DNA statistics presentation as explained by Sayuri Naganawa and the laboratory director of DNA Japan, Inc., Shohei Furuyama.

Discussion on the step-by-step DNA testing protocols with Atsheba Gebreegziabxier and Yimam Getaneh Misganie and DNA Japan, Inc. laboratory technicians and staffs.