Message From The President

In the developed countries such as the USA and Germany,
forensic science needs to cope up with the increasing prosecution cases.
This resulted to the establishment of private forensic science analysis companies,
institutions and organizations by research scientists.

Our company, Analysis Laboratory of Forensic Science, Inc.,
conducts different scientific analyses for criminal and civil cases.
Moreover, we are regarded as a scientific analysis organization that is approachable and available to the public.

Under such circumstances, impartial private scientific analysis organizations and those organizations made by research scientists,
which can be requested confidentially and economically by companies and individuals, is of urgent need.

In order to meet the demands of our clients, we have established a network with professionals in the field of law as well as national and international forensic laboratories and legal forensic science research scientists. We ensure our clients that we make every effort to respond to each and every requests the clients have.

Koki Tomita

Analysis Laboratory of Forensic Science, Inc.


Japanese Association of Forensic Science and Technology

Japanese Society for DNA Polymorphism Research

Japanese Association of Criminology

The Imaging Society of Japan

Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering

It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It Biases the Judgement

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