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Forensic toxicology is a forensic science discipline that deals with the investigation of toxic substances, chemicals, and poisonous products. This includes the chemical composition, preparations, and identifications of substances involved in a crime scene. It is a mix of many other science disciplines such as chemistry, pathology, biology, physiology, pharmacodynamics, and biochemistry as well as environmental sciences.

How is Forensic Toxicology used?

Forensic toxicology is used to determine whether there was an excessive intake of drug or whether they should eliminate the possibility of drug overdose in a crime scene. In some cases, poisons can be detected by the toxicology laboratory but are not necessarily the cause of death (e.g., the use of alcohol and/or drugs in motor vehicle crashes or in suicides).

Disciplines of Forensic Toxicology

1. Death Investigation Toxicology (Postmortem Toxicology)
2. Human Performance Toxicology
3. Doping Control
4. Forensic Workplace Drug Testing

It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It Biases the Judgement

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